Psychologists say that about 75% of diseases are related to tension.

According to a recent World Health Organization survey, “about 20% of the world’s population suffers from this disease.” It is estimated that this ratio will be higher here.

What is tension?

Tension is a situation where one is not getting a solution to a problem. As a result, feelings of frustration and despair began to grow in him and as a result he started screaming or became silent and became destitute of his strangers. This is a mental illness that very few people are aware of. Therefore, they cannot pay attention to their proper treatment.

Causes and symptoms of tension

The disease begins with stress caused by an emotional, social, or economic accident. Initially, the patient is depressed. The present leads to dissatisfaction and the future to despair. Sometimes the stress becomes so severe that the patient even attempts suicide. Such people lack a sense of security and need attention.
Experts believe that the inferiority complex and sensitivity to nature are the main causes of this disease. Tension is also caused by hurting religious feelings or hurting one’s self-esteem. Poverty and unemployment are the main causes of this in society. According to the survey, “5% of men suffer from this disease, while 9% of women suffer from this disease.” Other causes of tension include self-pity, regret, and self-blame.