Pakistan will play 3 T-20 and 3 Test against England from 5th August

Pak Vs Eng 2020 series 

The English Cricket Board (ECB )said Pakistan against this year lawmakers of the series the proposed plan developed, according to the plan Pakistan team will play 3 Tests and 3 test matches from 5th August to 1st September in Manchester and Southampton. 

Pakistan Cricket Board Told:

On the other hand Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chief executive Wasim Khan said that Pakistan Cricket Board is seeking that the published time England arrive that them in quarantine after spending time practice of, on occasion, find it. Around the world in the Coruna virus, the pestilence gradually since sports activities restore flow are cricket activities, even some weeks in the ReStore will be on. In August, the Pakistan and England series is fixed and the Pakistan Cricket Board on behalf of the green signal after the ECB said series of preparations began here.

Sources said, told that the interim plan, according to Pakistan, five from August IST to September during the three Tests and three T who matches to play in. The first Test on August 5 from Manchester in the submission of the proposal is. Second Test, August 13, and the third Test from August 21 to Southampton in the play of the plan is being produced for.